Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hope and change and all that

 So the election didn't go like I hoped. That happens. That's the beauty of our system, as much as we may not love it when we are on the unsatisfied end. There are winners, there are losers, and the country moves on, the great, lumbering beast of freedom and whatnot that it is.

 For me, nothing will really change. My day to day goal is taking care of my children the best that I am able, and soon it will include taking care of Tina and her kids. As long as my government affords me that right, and isn't predatory upon me, I will abide it.

 That is the other beautiful thing about America. As much as we may not be happy about the way politics turned out, we aren't being rounded up and massacred. Our women don't have female circumcision forced upon them.

 None of us are being killed because of who we are/worship/our ethnicity.

 It could be a LOT worse.

 Obama wasn't my dog in this race, but I will respect the office and hope that it works out for him. Because I'm not going to wish failure on my country.

 I'm going to take a shower, talk to my fiance, and wake up and be a father to my children. At least some things are fairly constant.

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